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Best Places For Solo Female Travel 2023

Best Places For Solo Female Travel 2023


A lot of people wonder what is the best places for solo female travel in 2023. To answer this frequently asked question, we interviewed a few female solo travelers to see their views on this topic.


Survey results are as diverse as it gets. In this article we are discussing: 

  • Vietnam
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • Italy 
  • The USA


These destinations are among the best places for solo female travel in 2023 

Vietnam: An Asian Dream 

 Arijana - shipped away founder enjoying Vietnam


Vietnam was nominated by two solo female travelers: Arijana from Croatia and Mai from Egypt. The level of safety offered for solo female travelers in this country made it a favorite destination for backpackers. 


Although Arijana and Mai have different careers and different travel styles, they liked Vietnam for the same reason. The extraordinarily welcoming and hospitable locals make it easier for tourists to feel safe away from their homeland. 


Vietnam was the top choice for Arijana as it is perfect for digital nomads. Being a digital nomad herself struggling to have a balance between career and self-fulfillment. 

Mai an Egyptian solo female traveler enjoying Vietnam

Although having very different food choices, Mai and Arijana found the food to be unique, each for a different reason.

Mai says that trying the food was a little strange initially since the food there is not widely known outside of Vietnam. Think of having coffee with eggs or taking a sip of snake blood. Nevertheless, she fell in love with the variety of what Vietnamese cuisine has to offer


Having Vietnam on your list opens a wide range of activities to do, starting with the Ha Giang Loop: a motorbike loop that takes you around stunning scenery. And if you like nature, you should definitely spend a few nights in Sapa: a village over the level of the clouds. 


Arijana and Mai recommend visiting Vietnam through winter to the start of spring. To stay connected with Arijana, check her website and Instagram. For Mai, check her Instagram.

Janel Touring Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan for solo female travel

When you think about the best places for solo female travel, the country of Azerbaijan may not come to your mind. 

Azerbaijan, with its communist history as a part of the Soviet Union, has something unique to offer. Murals of proletariat workers, the hammer & the sickle, and the concrete tower blocks provide a glimpse of what Azerbaijan looked like decades ago. 


Janel from Canada, found Azerbaijan’s architecture to be as astonishing, if not more. It has opulent and architecturally surreal buildings, as a testament to the oil boom in the region. 

Janel olo female travel in Azerbaijan

All of this makes the country a perfect destination for history buffs, as well as architecture admirers. 


Azerbaijan is overwhelmingly progressive Muslim (over 95%). “As a solo female traveler, I felt safe traveling by public transit and sitting down for a beer or two at a restaurant in the old town of the capital, Baku”. 


Finally, Janel believes that Azerbaijan is a one-of-a-kind travel destination that is not to be missed. 


To stay connected with Janel, check her Instagram.



Belize: The Hidden Paradise 

Belize nature and beautiful beach by Marwa solo female traveler

Marwa, A female solo traveler from Egypt, in her early twenties, looking for the best destination to travel to, to have an excellent experience, and most importantly to feel safe in. 


Nature lovers who are escaping daily routine search for destinations that have unique natural landscapes; Marwa is no different. As a full-time programmer who is trying to change her routine and get out of her comfort zone, Belize was the answer 


Trying a new destination that is not known to everyone was a challenge she went through. However, the experience she had made it worth it. she quotes “I was always greeted with lovely smiles” to show the excellent hospitality of the locals there.  


Marwa’s primary purpose was to go diving and enjoy Blieze’s unique nature and marine life. She did exactly that by diving in crystal waters and camping on the beachside. 


After coming back, Marwa believes her choice was a complete success. To stay connected with Marwa, check her Instagram.

Adventure Seeker Sara 

Volcano in Costa Rica

From Canada again, we interviewed Sarah, a professional photographer and a travel writer that experiences all travel styles. She travels solo, with a partner, with family… or even with Santa himself. If it exists, Sara has tried it. 


Sara decided on her last trip not to travel solo, but this doesn’t mean that solo is not always on her table. 


Fans of ecotourism would absolutely love this place. Costa Rica Has it all. Featuring its endless activities, astonishing public art, beautiful beaches, and national parks, Sara could never guess another place with that kind of blend. 


Costa Rica’s perks do not end here. First, Locals are welcoming and friendly. Second, it is an all-year destination. Third, adventure activities like paragliding, ziplining, and ATV tours are unforgettable experiences. 


In Vista Los Suenos, you can have a guided Chocolate Experience, explore waterfalls, see the jungle at night, and hang out with monkeys at NeoFauna. 


If national parks are your thing, Manuel Antonio should be at the top of your list, with many other adventures to discover


To stay connected with Sara, check her Instagram.



Exploring Venice 

Exploring Venice by Safaa a solo female traveler

Safaa, a female solo traveler originally from Sudan, picked Italy. The city of Venice is what attracted her. She describes her experience as a female solo traveler to be very safe. 


Exploring Venice on her foot to have the full experience as a local felt nice to her. Safaa believes that one of the things that make Venice exceptional is that it is open all day long. 


Trying new and unique activities like the famous Venice gondola makes it special. She also describes the city vibes while having breakfast at a local cafe in saint-Marco square not to be found anywhere else.


To stay connected with Safaa, check her Instagram.


Her Heart Falling For New York 

Exploring New York city USA by Samantha

Samantha Sewell, a Canadian pageant woman, an International model, an international public speaker, and the owner of Raising Stars Preschool, votes for New York City. She finds it the most welcoming city for everyone no matter who you are or where you come from. 


In addition, NYC accessibility is something else. The city offers a variety of tours like visiting the statue of liberty, walking down times square, and roaming through new york’s streets that will make your heart fall in love with this city. 


You can attend a Broadway show and get a same-day ticket. Shows will leave you speechless. Ney York City should definitely be on your list. 


To stay connected with Samantha, check her Instagram.

Finally, we want to thank all the solo travelers we spoke with; it is astonishing how their desire to explore the world was stronger than their fear of traveling alone.

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