What to do in Oludeniz

What to do in Oludeniz -10+ amazing activities you’ll love-

Planning a honeymoon trip with your loved one? Seeking adventure as a solo traveler?

Just looking to enjoy an incredible vacation?

Oludeniz will not disappoint!

Paragliding over the Blue lLagoon Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey

In this post, I’ll tell you my own recommendations for what to do in Oludeniz.

My recs are based on my own personal experience. (I’ve been to this beautiful gem 7 times in the last few years!)

Magnificent sights abound when choosing what to do in Oludeniz.

  1. Paragliding
  2. Enjoying the beach and swimming in the Blue Lagoon
  3. Islands Boat tour and the Blue Cave
  4. Butterfly Valley
  5. Ride the Cable Car
  6. Quad Biking Safari
  7. Day Tour to Saklikent Gorge
  8. Lycian Way Hiking
  9. Other activities

A place must have phenomenal vacation value to get me to return over and over.

Here I’ll share the details of what to do in Oludeniz — activities you may never experience anywhere else in the world:

1- Only Oludeniz Paragliders know why the birds sing

Tandem Paragliding in Oludeniz Turkey spectacular birds-eye view of Oludeniz blue lagoon

When it comes to what to do in Oludeniz, paragliding must come first on your list.

Oludeniz truly offers the best paragliding experience in the world.

Enjoy soaring through the sky for a spectacular birds-eye view of Oludeniz. Now you’ll know why birds sing!

At sunrise, sunset, or during the day, the total adventure takes around 2 hours.

Transfer is included to one of the 4 departure points at the top of Babadag mountain.

Flying time from take off until landing at Oludeniz beach is between 25-30 min.


Photo Hint:

Take your signature profile picture or once-in-a-lifetime, amazing selfie in Oludeniz while you enjoy paragliding directly above the Blue Lagoon.

Oludeniz Paragliding Blue Lagoon signature profile picture amazing selfie in Oludeniz

Special Secret:

Most pilots are fully qualified and experienced so ask your professional pilot to make 360-degree turns and do some tricks while in the air to get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

Travel Tips:

  • Schedule your paragliding at the beginning of your trip to Oludeniz in case you need to reschedule due to unforeseen bad weather conditions.
  • If you choose to take your cellphone make sure to have it in a Nick Phone Case

2- The Blue Lagoon: Swim where the Aegean Sea Meets The Mediterranean

The Blue Lagoon: Swim where the Aegean Sea Meets The Mediterranean

The Blue Lagoon, also known as “The Dead Sea,” is found at the end of Oludeniz beach.

It is more calm and peaceful than your Laz-Z-Boy couch.

When choosing what to do in Oludeniz, remember the swimming is phenomenal!

Rent a kayak or pedalo to explore the breathtaking water of Oludeniz.

Something extra special to enjoy in Oludeniz?

Snorkeling in the underwater world of the Blue Lagoon!

Entering the Blue Lagoon beach costs around $4 USD. Well worth it for half a day there.

What can you enjoy in Oludeniz for free? The main beach and other spectacular beaches in the area have no charges.

Travel Tips:

  • Get water shoes as the Blue Lagoon features a pebbly beach
  • Sunscreen, sun hat & sunglasses are highly recommended


3- Boat cruise: The Blue Cave and Beyond

View to the Blue Cave, located near the Oludeniz, Fethiye in the Mediterranean coast of western Turkey.

When thinking about what to do in Oludeniz, you must take one of the amazing boat tours.

Choose a big double decker boat, the Oludeniz pirate boat, or small and even private boats are available to enjoy in Oludeniz.

Options include full-day trips and shorter excursions. Make sure to include a swimming stop at the Blue Cave on longer trips.

Departure time is around 10:30 am, returning around 5 pm. Prices are reasonable and include lunch.


4- Butterfly Valley: Explore this Hidden Gem

Butterfly Valley Oludeniz ( Kelebekler Vadisi ) view in Fethiye Town of Turkey

Want to unplug and forget the outside world? Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz is your ideal escape.

The most convenient way to access the stunning butterfly species of the Butterfly Valley is by boat.

Otherwise you have to hike down challenging steep cliffs…perfect for experienced hikers but not something I do.

Although many boat trips include short stops at the Butterfly Valley, you may not have enough time to fully enjoy it.

Use the Butterfly Valley boat taxi from Oludeniz beach to spend as much time as you like there.

Trails head from the beach to the waterfalls. Choose one and enjoy spectacular scenery while watching the brightly colored butterflies.

Not enough time to visit the Butterfly Valley by boat? Consider driving to the lookout area for a spectacular view. 

5- Ride the Cable Car to Babadag Mountain Top

OLUDENIZ, TURKEY - Teleferik cable cars from Oludeniz to Babadag peak with view of high mountains rising up over the Mediterranean sea at sunset during summer

Paragliding not your thing? Soar above the Babadag mountain and enjoy the phenomenal scenery on the newly opened cable car.

It should be high on your list of what to do in Oludeniz.

The cable car takes you from the hill just above Oludeniz all the way to Babadag mountain top in just 16 minutes.

Using the chair lift takes you further up the mountain. It’s only 5 more minutes and you won’t regret it.

Grab something to eat or drink at your preferred level and put your camera to work!Breathing the freshest air you can imagine and watching paragliders garnishing the sky above the stunning turquoise water of the Blue Lagoon from nearly 2000 meters is definately a $1M experience.

6- Quad Biking: Seeing another side of Oludeniz

When choosing what to do in Oludeniz, the Quad Biking Safari is suitable for nearly everyone!

Ride the Oludeniz backroads and explore the alpine forests along mountain paths and country trails while enjoying stunning views.

Single and double quad bikes are very easy to handle even for beginners.

Just listen to the safety briefing given by your guide and do some practicing before starting your Safari.

Bring appropriate clothing for the dust, avoid open-toe footwear and make sure to get your safety gear from your guide.

Take the easy path or master the terrain and feel the adrenaline rush with no need for a driver’s license.

7- ​​Hike through Saklikent Canyon

Hike through Saklikent Canyon one of the deepest canyons in the world. Enter to find a wooden boardwalk going through the rocks along the turquoise river.

Saklikent is one of the deepest canyons in the world (300m)!

It means “The Hidden City” in Turkish and it’s a hub for Trekking and Rock Climbing lovers just an hour’s drive from Oludeniz.

Enter to find a wooden boardwalk going through the rocks along the turquoise river.

While suitable for everyone, remember that continuing on to the waterfall will be a bit challenging.

What to do in Oludeniz if you are a hardcore rock climber? Grab your climbing gear and climb over the waterfall!

2-3 hours should be enough time for trekking the Saklikent canyon and having lunch; if you have more time activities to enjoy include:

  • River Rafting (Tubing)
  • Zipline
  • Bungee Jumping
  • A Mud Bath

Travel Tips:-

  • Plan to arrive at Saklikent in the early morning, before it gets too busy.
  • Take spare clothes and shoes (Rubber shoes are recommended and can be bought/rented there.)

8- Lycian Way: One of the best hiking trails in the world

The Lycian Way is considered one of the best trails to hike on earth.

More than 500 KM long, it follows the coast of Lycia between Oludeniz and Antalya, taking around 4 weeks to complete.

Unless you’re a hardcore hiker, limit your excursion to the most beautiful stretch of The Lycian Way (from Ovacık to Faralya), which takes 4-5 hours.

The hike to Faralya is somewhat challenging, but the breathtaking views are worth it!

A must to have on your list of what to do in Oludeniz.

Try to do this hike in April-May or September-October so it isn’t too hot. It’s recommended to use map/trail apps (Ex. Maps.Me or All Trails).

9- 5 more activities to do in Oludeniz

My recommendations for what to do in Oludeniz are based on my personal preferences and experiences, however there’s definitely much more to do in Oludeniz such as:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Horseback Riding
  • Exploring the Ruins of Kayakoy
  • Turkish Baths
  • Day trips to Pamukkale

When is the best time to visit Oludeniz?

The season begins in May and ends in October.

For the best selection of what to do in Oludeniz, avoid the hottest weather and the crowds in July and August.

May and September are ideal.

How to get to Oludeniz?

The closest airport to Oludeniz is Dalaman International Airport (DLM is around 60 KM away).

Rent a car and drive from the airport or take a taxi.

How many days should I spend in Oludeniz?

Plan to stay at least 4 days in Oludeniz.

When thinking about what to do in Oludeniz, there is so much to enjoy you may want to stay longer.

Where to Stay in Oludeniz?


My favourite hotel in Oludeniz is the Blue Star hotel. It’s a quick 1 minute from the beach, very close to everything, and the price is reasonable.

Villas with Private Pools:

If you’re looking for more privacy, check out Kayakoy Holiday Cottages–the private pool is perfect.

I hope you benefit from my experiences regarding what to do in Oludeniz.If you need any help planning your Itinerary including what to do in Oludeniz, feel free to book a FREE 15 min consultation with me here.

Things to do in Newfoundland in Summer

10+ Best Things To Do In Newfoundland In Summer 

Wondering about things to do in Newfoundland in summer?

Looking for a laid-back vacation? 

Thinking of exploring a really unique part of our planet? 

You’re in the right place! 

Things to Do in Newfoundland in Summer



I visited eastern Canada just this summer. In this post, I’ll give you my own recommendations for the best things to do in Newfoundland in the summer.

Sandy beaches, colourful houses, magnificent hiking trails and amazing ocean views abound.

Things to Do in Newfoundland in Summer St. John's Canada

A great Newfoundland vacation means knowing about:

  1. Gros Morne National Park
  2. Icebergs & Whale watching tours
  3. Fogo Island
  4. The city of St. John’s
  5. The 10 best beaches in Newfoundland
  6. The 10 best hiking trails
  7. More

Let’s dive into these great summer vacation activities one by one to give you more details.

1. Gros Morne National Park: A glimpse of paradise: 

Trout River Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland Canada


© @leevokey

When thinking about things to do in Newfoundland in summer, Gros Morne National Park must come first on your list.

This 1,805 square Kilometre UNESCO World Heritage site is the most realistic example of what heaven must look like.

Spectacular fjords need to be explored. Hike on the earth’s mantle, climb beckoning summits, and capture the wonders of pristine waterfalls and sheer cliffs! 

The options here are endless, especially when you add festivals, art and music events that are scheduled frequently throughout the summer.

Western Brook Pond: Iconic Fjords Just Like Norway

Western Brook Pond: Iconic Fjords hike photo in Newfoundland Canada just like Norway

This is my favorite part of Gros Morne National Park!

Unless you’re a hardcore hiker, the 2 hour boat tour is more than enough to enjoy the stunning fjords and waterfalls.

You still need to do a 2.7 KM easy hike from the parking lot to the boat dock, so arrive one hour before the scheduled time.

Want to skip the line and guarantee your spot? Book the boat tour online and go directly to your boat. 

If you want to reach this iconic spot the adventurous way, hire a guide and have your hiking gear ready. Be prepared for a challenging full day!

Western Brook Pond fjords boat tour Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland Canada

The Tablelands: Hiking on Earth’s Mantle

The Tablelands Waterfall Hiking on Earth’s Mantle Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland Canada

The Tablelands, NL, Canada is one of the few spots on the planet where you can walk beneath the surface of our earth.

This unique wonder was a result of the plate tectonic collision that happened millions of years ago, and pushed the mantle from underneath the ocean to the surface after the continents split.

Whether you choose a short hike on your own or the guided full-day tour to the top of the tablelands, I guarantee you’ll have a completely awe-inspiring and amazing experience.

Hiking the Tablelands and walking on earth's mantle in Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland Canada

Where to Stay in Gros Morne National Park:

  • Bonne Bay Inn
  • The Rooms At Woody Point
  • Gros Morne Inn

Where to eat in Gros Morne National Park:

  • Seaside Restaurant
  • The Old Loft Restaurant
  • Merchant Retro Cafe

2. Twillingate: The Iceberg Capital of the World

Iceberg Alley boat tour in Twillingate, NL, Canada The Iceberg Capital of the World

Did you know that thousands of people fly to Newfoundland every year from all over the world just to watch the Icebergs?

Twillingate, also known as “The Iceberg capital of the world,” is the best place to spot them in Newfoundland.

Iceberg boat tours will take you up close to experience this wonder with open decks and heated cabins. You will most likely see some whales during your tour

Iceberg boat tours last about 2-4 hours, and depart every day during the season from Twillingate and St.Johns. You can book easily online on the IcebergQuest website.

Travel Tip:

Motion sickness bracelets, patches or pills are recommended for those who are prone to sea sickness.

Where to eat in Twillingate:

Annies’s Harbour Restaurant (good menu with lots of interesting choices, call ahead for reservations).

Where to stay in Twillingate?

  • Anchor Inn Hotel
  • North 99 Motel


© @elizabethpotterphoto

3. Fogo Island: One of the 4 Corners of the Earth

Brimstone head trail hiking one of the four corners of the world Fogo Island Newfoundland Canada

Islands are literally everywhere in Newfoundland! 

There are around 7000 in the province, most of them uninhabited. Can you believe that number?

Fogo Island attracts thousands of tourists and artists from around the world. They love to visit the artist studios, enjoy the local wildlife, and hike the many amazing trails to be explored on Fogo Island! 

Fogo Island is one of the most peaceful and beautiful islands in Newfoundland that you don’t want to miss!

If you have to choose one destination, especially in summer, it would definitely be the Brimstone Head hiking trail.

The Flat Earth society considers Brimstone Head on Fogo Island one of the four corners of the world because of the unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fogo Island ocean view cottage cabin by the canal

Where to stay in Fogo Island:-

  • Fogo Island Inn Hotel
  • Cabin by the canal  (The best ocean view cottage I have been to)
  • Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Fogo Inn hotel Fogo Island Newfoundland Canada


@John lai

Fogo Island Inn Hotel: A Piece of Art

A unique, five-star luxury hotel has stands guard at the edge of the world with its contemporary architecture.

The hotel has an outstanding restaurant, movie theatre, library and a unique art gallery.

What makes Fogo Island Inn so special is everything here is done to support the local culture and community or made by Newfoundland artisans.

The furniture, the wallpaper, the cushions, and even the food is all sourced from the island. 

Staying at the Fogo Island Inn isn’t cheap at all. A visit costs at least C$2000/night and may require a minimum stay of 2-3 nights.

How to get to Fogo Island:

This remote island, “also described as far away from far away,” is only accessible by ferry from Farwell or by helicopter.

There’s no way to guarantee your spot on the ferry other than lining- up at Farwell harbor at least 90 minutes before the scheduled time.

The ferry takes around an hour to reach Fogo Island after a short stop at Change Islands.

The ferry ride costs C$6.05 for walk-in or C$18.15 for the vehicle and a driver. Pay once in Farwell Harbor. No payment is needed on your way back.

Travel tips:

  • Make sure to have some water and snacks as you might experience more than the usual waiting times.
  • Always try to get the earlier ferry, especially if you have a flight afterwards.
  • Check the ferry updates on the ferry’s community Facebook page.

4. St. John’s: The Colorful City

St. John's Newfoundland Canada the colourful city


© @bparsons98

From energetic culture to rich history, it’s no surprise that St. John’s is full of galleries, museums, historic sites, and unique attractions.

Doing nothing but touring around downtown St. John’s and enjoying the iconic colored houses is such a wonderful experience.

Can’t miss sites in the city of St. John’s in Newfoundland:

  • Cape Spear Lighthouse.
  • Visit the scenic fishing villages (Petty Harbour & Quidi Vidi).
  • Walking around the downtown and enjoying the iconic colored houses.
  • Signal Hill (National Historic Site).
  • Jonson Heo Centre museum.

5. Best 10 Beaches to enjoy in Newfoundland

Musgrave Harbour sandy beach Newfoundland


  • Sandbanks Provincial Park, Burgeo Beach
  • Eastport Beaches 
  • Sandy Cove Beach
  • Lumsden Beach
  • Musgrave Harbour Beach
  • Bottle Cove, Lark Harbour Beach
  • Point Lance Sands
  • St. Vincent’s Beach
  • Grand Bay West Beaches
  • Salmon Cove Sands Beach

6. The 10 best Hiking Trails in Newfoundland

Hiking Torbay Point Newfoundland Canada


©  @elizabethpotterphoto

In Newfoundland, nature’s beauty is endless, especially in summer. You just gotta know where to look. Or in this case, where to hike!

  • Western Brook Pond 
  • The Tablelands 
  • Brimstone Head
  • Cobbler’s path
  • Chance Cove
  • The Spurwink Island Path
  • Spiller’s Cove
  • Lower Little Harbour
  • King’s Cove Lighthouse
  • Tickle Cove Arch

7. Other Things to do in Newfoundland in Summer

Whitewater rafting Newfoundland



Although Newfoundland is filled with stunning landscapes, beaches, icebergs, whales and puffins, what really sets it apart from other places is the fantastic “Newfie’ people. 

Newfies are the next level in vacation hospitality!

Here are more things to do in Newfoundland in summer:

  • Puffin & Whale Watching tours
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Zipline 
  • Stargazing
  • ATV Tours
  • Watch the first sunrise in North America
  • Sunset Cruise, Cod Fishing and Cultural boat tours
Sunrise Cape Spear Newfoundland Canada



Travel tips:

  • Renting a car in Newfoundland is highly recommended 
  • Telus and Bell provide the best cellphone coverage in Newfoundland (Avoid Rogers).

I hope you benefit from my experience regarding things to do in Newfoundland in summer.
If you need any help planning your Itinerary, feel free to book a FREE 15 min consultation with me here.