5 Reasons why the Cheapest Flight will most likely Cost you More

Anyone who traveled before was once seduced by cheap prices on ticketing websites. When planning for travel, people normally shop for ticketing on more than one website. Seeing a variation in the ticket prices is very normal. However, aiming for the lowest price is something risky, the least to say. Surprisingly enough, I have witnessed so many incidents that could make someone pay more by trying to pay less.

In this article, I list 5 reasons why the cheapest flight will most likely cost you more, and why you should think twice when you see a too good to be true price 

1- Websites offering the lowest price cut costs on customer service 

Girl stranded in the airport with carry on

It’s quite obvious that not all the price you pay goes to the cost of the airline. The only exception to this rule is when you directly buy the ticket from the airline website, which is becoming less popular since travelers tend to prefer websites that compare a different number of airlines that fly to the same destination.

A portion of the price you pay goes to the customer service. Some websites offer lower ticket prices by cutting the cost of customer service. So, instead of offering their customers a reliable customer service solution, they cut the cost by hiring fewer people or sometimes by hiring untrained people for the job.

Imagine being stuck in an international airport thousands of miles away from home and having to wait 45 minutes to speak to someone who is not trained to handle your situation.

Even worse, sometimes the line disconnects right after you start explaining your situation. So, from first-hand experience, it pays off to pay a little extra and rely on reputable websites. 

I personally use Expedia on most of my bookings as they provide a great 24/7 customer service specially of you’re a TD bank client.

2- Mysterious luggage allowance 

Luggage allowance weight in the airport

I honestly cannot count how many times I was surprised with a different luggage allowance when I checked in.

Some disreputable websites advertise the wrong luggage allowance to attract customers. Needless to say, when you pay the difference you end up paying more. This is usually done by selling the cheapest class that comes with only carry-ons. 

3- Buying different tickets separately 

Woman holding Two boarding passes airline tickets and passport

It’s quite common to fly with two or more airlines in a single trip especially if you are flying across Atlantic. But when you do so, you want to make sure the whole itinerary is issued by a specific airline.

The importance of this comes when you miss a flight in your connection. In this event, the airline that issued that whole itinerary will be responsible to find you a replacement. However, if each leg is bought separately with a different airline, it will be considered a no-show and you are the only one who will bear the consequences. 

4- Don’t even mention the word “change” 

Let’s face it, we live in a very dynamic time. Whether it’s your family or your profession, plans change all the time. When you buy the cheapest possible flight, it is almost guaranteed that the ticket comes with no change. Any request for change will most likely result in paying the whole amount again. 

5- Same city, different airports 

Couple late on their flight running near the airport trying to catch the second flight

It’s almost hilarious but I can’t remember how many times it happened to me or to one of my friends. Again, you like the price offered to your, it’s undoubtedly the best price offered to you across all websites. You buy the ticket. You have a short connection in Milan, but who cares, an hour will be more than enough to connect to your second flight.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is a terrible nightmare waiting for you. The cheap website you depended on to save this extra $49 booked your first flight to Malpensa International Airport, but the second flight is flying out of Milan Bergamo Airport.

I know, this was impossible to catch because you were hypnotized by the mouth-watering price offered. Both airports are in Milan, but there are more than an hour apart. Let alone the time you need to get out of the first airport, figure your way out, and go check in your second flight. 

In conclusion, I like to save on flight prices as much as everyone does. But from experience, you have to be very careful, because you might end up paying more by attempting to pay less.

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How I saved up $5,000 for my honeymoon through travel points

How I saved up $5,000 for my honeymoon through travel points

Let me start by assuring you that you read the title correctly. Yes, it’s $5,000, not $500. Well, I admit that this could be hard to believe, and that’s why I plan to reveal tips I have personally tried that allowed me to save up $5,000 for my honeymoon through travel points. 

Sign-up Bonuses 

Sign up for a credit card

The most important advantage of a credit card is usually the sign-up bonus. But before discussing this point, I want to make a quick disclaimer. Some people hunt credit cards with attractive sign-up bonuses and close their accounts after they use up the bonus to avoid any future costs in case the card carries an annual fee.

I want to start by saying that, although nothing illegal about this, it does not sound ethical, and I highly encourage you to avoid bad karma, especially when planning to travel.

This being said, keep an eye out for credit cards with high sign-up bonuses, sometimes they have a double offer for a limited time. What happened with me personally is that my sign-up bonus was around $500 after spending a specific target within a specific timeframe. Some sign-up bonuses come in the form of a free ticket which in some cases could value even more. 

Sign-up Bonus More Than Once

Girl holding 3 credit cards for travel

Despite the fact that most credit card issuers forbid having two of the exact same card at once, some of them have rules in place allowing you can get sign-up bonuses from the same card, and having certain rules describing how often. For instance, Chase allows customers to re-apply for the sign-up bonus if they have not already gotten it in the previous 24 months.

Other credit card companies have similar rules. Although it is possible to obtain a sign-up bonus with some cards more than once, you probably shouldn’t make this your objective 

Double Rewards Points 

Golden credit card rewards

One of the ways I was able to save up $5,000 for my honeymoon through travel points is to hunt for double reward points that are offered occasionally.

You can find offers for specific periods of time, usually around holidays, to gain multiple reward points for every dollar you spend.

This is sometimes tied to flying with certain airlines, staying in a specific hotel, or using a pacific car rental service. Do not take it for granted, do your calculations first, and if it suits you, you could accumulate points on your card much faster.

Always use the credit card website for booking 

Booking travel from a laptop

Most credit card companies offer the flexibility to use their reward points to pay for all or part of your trip whether it was purchased on their website or not. But some credit cards make you earn up to 3X points for all your travel purchases if done through their website. This is an easy way to maximize your travel points 

Travel points for travel and only travel 

Redeem travel points and travel

Take this as a general rule: redeem travel points only for travel. Never fall for the catchy offers to exchange your travel points for department stores gift cards or gas station gift cards.

From experience, they might look attractive at first, but you will definitely get more by redeeming them toward travel, almost always. 

Snowball effect 

Never redeem your travel points for $50 purchases. This strategy makes you use up all your reward points and will never make you feel it was worth your while.

Instead, try to work towards a larger goal, you will be surprised how fast you accumulate points. Be patient and let the snowball roll downhill

To satisfy the demands of just about anybody, travel points provide a variety of advantages and rewards. They can make your dream trip closer by earning points during your everyday purchases 

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5 Simple Steps to Plan Your Dream Trip Itinerary

5 Simple Steps to Plan Your Dream Trip Itinerary

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to add new experiences and broaden your viewpoint. Making a thorough itinerary is an essential step in the planning process, regardless of whether you are an experienced traveler or are organizing your first trip. 

Whether planning your dream honeymoon trip or heading on a new solo adventure, creating a day-to-day itinerary is essential to your trip-planning process.

In this article, I’ll outline five easy steps for creating the itinerary for your trip. These steps can help you streamline the preparation process and ensure a stress-free and enjoyable trip, from selecting your destination and picking the best season to choose your activities, determining transportation and accommodation, and creating a trip calendar.

Step 1: Choose your destination:

location pin

The first and most crucial step in planning your trip itinerary is selecting your destination and deciding where you want to go.

Choosing the location helps you set the style for the trip and will influence many further choices you make when planning. 

Your travel preferences, financial limitations, and personal interests should all match your chosen location.

Consider your budget, travel style, season, distance, visa requirements, and reviews before choosing your destination. 

Research the area you’re going to, and be aware of any travel restrictions that might apply. 

You can guarantee a memorable trip that meets your needs and taste by spending enough time choosing your destination.

I have published a whole article about “How to choose your destination”; make sure to check it out.

Step 2: Pick the best time:

Planning the best time to travel

The second step in planning your ideal travel itinerary is deciding the right time and season. 

The weather, the number of tourists, and the number of attractions and activities available at a specific time can significantly impact your trip experience.

Check the high and low seasons while researching your destination’s climate. 

Decide what you prefer, whether it is avoiding crowds, participating in a particular activity, or attending a local event. 

Remember that high season often brings higher costs and less availability, while low season can bring cheaper options but fewer attractions and activities.

Select the ideal time and season to make the most of your trip.

Take advantage of the shoulder season by traveling between the peak and off-season seasons.

Step 3: Settle on your activities:

rafting in the river travel activity

Choosing your activities is step three in planning your perfect trip itinerary.

It’s time to start planning what you want to do while you’re there after you’ve chosen your destination and determined your travel dates. 

After researching them, list the top attractions, things to do, and activities in the area. Check available tours, excursions, and outdoor adventures.

When choosing your activities, consider your hobbies, travel preferences, difficulty level, and budget. Prioritize your must-do activities, BUT leave some room in your schedule for spontaneity and flexibility. There’re always popups on any trip!

Making decisions about your activities in advance can help you make the most of your trip and produce priceless memories.

Step 4: Plan Your Accommodations and Transportation:

Smiling girl waiting for the train in a train station

Now that you know your destination, the time frame, and the activities, it’s time to start booking your transportation and accommodation. 

I always start this step by booking the airlines, then deciding on the most efficient and cost-effective local transportation.

Whether renting a car, using public transportation, or even hiring a private driver, choose your best option depending on your budget and the destination.

When it comes to accommodations, decide the type of accommodation you want, whether a luxury hotel, resort, lodge, hostel, or campsite. 

Always check the locations and ensure you know the distance before confirming your booking.

Step 5: Create your trip calendar:

Travel Calendar on excel

The final step in planning your dream trip itinerary is to create a trip calendar. A trip calendar will be an effective tool for organizing all details and information you’ve done in the last four steps.

Create a day-to-day tentative itinerary for your trip, including all activities you’ve chosen; make sure to factor in your travel time and leave Free spots for any pop-ups.

Use google docs/sheets or any other tool you prefer to create your trip calendar and share it with your travel companions once you’ve finished it to ensure everyone is on the same page.

A clear trip calendar will help you make the most of your trip and minimize stress.

With these five easy steps to plan your travel itinerary, every effort is vital in creating a seamless and unforgettable travel experience.

Remember to be flexible and open to unexpected changes or new opportunities. Happy travels!